Downeast Drawings Wildlife Art Gallery Product List
Note Cards in Pen & Ink and Pen & Ink with Watercolor
5 1/2" x 4 1/4"
We use quality recycled paper
for our note pads (50 sheets
to a pad). The color paper
for note pads is glacier mist.
Note Pads $8.00 each
8 Note Cards  w/envelopes
Pen and Ink  or
Watercolor $10.00 pkg
Black Duck
Eastern Meadowlark & Eastern Bluebird with Lupines
Wood Ducks                                                    
Goldfinch with Lupine
2 Loons on
Lupine & Dragonfly
Humpback Whales
Little River Light House Cutler, Me
Head Harbour Light Station
Matted and or Framed Prints
Available In        Title
S  M   PI         Canada Goose Brood
S  M   PI        Common Eiders at West Quoddy Head light
S  L    PI   PW  Atlantic Puffins & Lighthouse on Machias Seal Island
S   M    PI        
Walking Wheel
S   M   PI        American Bittern
S   L   PW     
Downy Woodpeckers
L   PI   West Quoddy Head light & Porpoises
S   M   PW   
Pitcher Plant
S   M   PI    
Pintails in Flight
S   M   PW   2-Loon on Lake
S   M   PI   
Black Duck Brood
S   M   PI   PW   
Old New England Farmhouse
S   L    PW  Humpback Whales
S    L  PW    Head Harbour Light Station
L   PW   Laughing Gull flying at  Prospect Hrbr
S  L  PW   Little River LIghthouse Cutler, ME
L   PW   Wood Ducks
S  M  PI   Surf Scooters flying @ Winter Hrbr Lighthouse
M   PI   Chickadee on Pussywillow
S   L   PW  Buffleheads
S   PW   Iris & Dragonfly
S   PW   Tulips
S   PW   Chanterelle Mushroom & Lady Bugs
L   PW   Poppies & Black Swallow-Tail Butterfly
S   PW   
S   L   PW   Eastern Bluebird & Eastern Meadowlark
S   M   PW   Smallmouth Bass
M   PW   Green Winged Teal Decoy
Pair of Loons
Pair of Ring Necked Pheasants
West Quoddy Lighthouse & Whales Limited Edition
S  M  PW    
Goldfinch & Lupines
S  L   PW  Baltimore Oriole & Apple Blossoms
S  M   PW  Lupines & Dragonfly
M   PW  Bald Eagle
Canada Geese flying behind  cattails
Red Breasted&  White Breasted Nuthatch
Rainbow Trout
Pair Green-Winged Teal
Lighthouse & Sea Shells
Lupines & Lunar Moth
Black-Bellied Plovers
Teddy Bears
Ruddy Turnstone
Cardinals & Christmas Wreath
Snapdragons & Hummingbird
Sunflower,Corn & Wheat
Cranberries, Butterfly, pitcher plant
Great Blue Heron
White-Tailed Deer
Barn Owls at Old Mill
Old Pump
Tug- Boat
Drake Black Duck
Laughing Gull
Coneflowers & Bumblebees
Bears in Tree
Goldfinch & Lupines
Print Prices
8 x 10..$38.00
11 x 14..$48.00
12 x 16..$48.00

Framed Print Prices
8 x 10..$58.00
11 x 14..$78.00
12 x 16..$88.00
Available in    8X10=S    11X14=M    12X16=L    Pen & Ink =PI   P&I w/Watercolor=PW